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  • Tanfeeth Technologies LLC

    was established in 2006 and registered as a technical services company whose mission is to bring the latest technologies to its customers by offering turnkey solutions for integrated telecommunication, information technology, safety and security and interactive multimedia in 2007.

  • Projects

    HV cable Installation in Iraq (Laying, Termination and Commissioning)
    400kV HV oil filled cables-net installation at Al-Qadisiya Hydro Power Plant, Al-Anbar County west of Iraq, 1992. 36kM of 132kV XLPE- HV cables-net were installed…

  • CCTV Cameras and DVRs

    CCTV cameras for remote work site monitoring is a widely used application, companies involved in projects in different countries can monitor the work progress or by using the special IP mobile cameras can provide technical support to its field…